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Meet Luna Willow

  • Cheerful
  • Family Oriented
  • Loves The Outdoors

Luna is a budding botanist, and loves plants almost as much as she loves her husband. She works hard to grow a large garden on the farm while also studying and experimenting with various types of plants. Being a botanist she writes up reports on her findings and only has to go into the actual office once in a blue moon. Being able to work from home is very helpful due to the fact she and Jasper want to raise a large family.

Posted in Generation One, Willow Legacy

The Willow Legacy

Jasper & Luna Willow are childhood sweethearts and newly married! They’ve just purchased their first home in Brindleton Bay and are eager to start their lives together and maybe even grow a family to call their own. Both Luna and Jasper were raised in the Willow Creek Plumbs & Bobs Orphanage and have never really had anyone but each other to count on.