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School projects, Scouts, and A new sibling on the way.

As the weeks go by Felix completes many school assignments and projects with the help of his parents. He also joins the scouts in an attempt to make some more friends his own age. Luna also discovers she’s pregnant with their second child and is excited to find Felix is eager to a big brother.

[I am so excited for this little family! ^.^]

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A fire and a friend.

Felix brought home a friend from school and they decided to do some experiments on the science table, they didn’t expect it to burst into flames though! Felix was responsible though and called the fire department and his mother to let her know what had happened. Noodle for whatever reason decided the fire was the perfect time to chase her tail. [So glad that we have the fire department in game now! >.< I didn’t realize the table could catch fire]

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Felix’s first day of school

Felix wakes up ready for his first day of school. The first thing he does before heading to the kitchen for breakfast is give Noodle some pets. Luna had prepared a sack lunch for him and sent him off on his day. When Felix returned home later he diligently did his homework and then played with his science table and doctor play set before heading off to bed.

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Felix Birthday! Welcome to days of homework and chores

Today is the day that Felix becomes a child! In preparation for this day Jasper and Luna both take a photo with their son. Luna decides to also be the one to bake the cake! It’s shaped like a little hamburger and is so cute!

[^.^ Yay! He aged up so well! Felix is so adorable and inquisitive just like his parents. I can’t wait to see how his life continues!]