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Super Sim Challenge #3

Finally settled into a routine Maya of painting and yoga Maya decides it’s time to apply to university. She as gained a good deal of skill in painting and now wants a degree that can help her in her future career. So right before bed she puts the final touches on her application and hopes to get accepted into the top university program for the fine arts.

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Super Sim Challenge #2

The Watcher having finally found Maya a house to call her own now sets Maya to work on her painting skill. Maya enjoys painting, but needless to say her painting skill could use some work. After finishing her first painting she decides to head out into the yard and do some yoga and take a jog. Once home from her jog Maya was starving and decided to make some mac & cheese and also work a bit on her non-existent cooking skill.

[Why must you go out and do yoga when it’s raining!]

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Super Sim Challenge #1

Maya having just been given land in the empty town of Newcrest begins her first day out in nature. First catching a fish, then collecting a fossil and eventually finding some flowers. As much as she enjoys her time outdoors though she can’t wait for her watcher to finally find her a home so she can begin the first of what will be many goals in her life.

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Meet Maya Crowell – Super Sim Challenge

Meet Maya Crowell! She’s an ambitious loner who is very proper. Ever since she was a child she dreamed of being a doctor, a spellcaster, a gardener, a secret agent, and pretty much every career in the book. Now as an adult she has set her sights high and hopes that she can maybe find a way to actually achieve this dream with a little help from her watcher that is.

[As the watcher I’m very excited for Maya’s adventures, it’s a very different way to play the game for me as I tend to focus on legacy/family gameplay! I hope you all will like her story as much as I do so far! I also know that this challenge is generally suppose to be with a toddler-adult to get all the traits from childhood, but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of setting that up xD, but maybe eventually we’ll have a super sim legacy of some sort???]