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Super Sim Challenge #2

The Watcher having finally found Maya a house to call her own now sets Maya to work on her painting skill. Maya enjoys painting, but needless to say her painting skill could use some work. After finishing her first painting she decides to head out into the yard and do some yoga and take a jog. Once home from her jog Maya was starving and decided to make some mac & cheese and also work a bit on her non-existent cooking skill.

[Why must you go out and do yoga when it’s raining!]

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Super Sim Challenge #1

Maya having just been given land in the empty town of Newcrest begins her first day out in nature. First catching a fish, then collecting a fossil and eventually finding some flowers. As much as she enjoys her time outdoors though she can’t wait for her watcher to finally find her a home so she can begin the first of what will be many goals in her life.

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Luna and Jasper Put Felix to Bed.

Both Luna and Jasper take turns putting Felix to bed at night. Jasper even enjoys reading his son some fairy tales before bed. Felix loves the funny voices his father makes despite not fully understanding what he’s saying. Luna loves to snuggle her son and showers him with cuddles and kisses at bedtime. Felix loves his mother, but he really wishes she wouldn’t tuck him into bed so well.