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The Glimmerbrook Children – Intro

Meet Rosemary Glimmerbrook, a long lost descendant of the founders of the town she shared a name with. In search of a peaceful quiet life she decided to buy an old converted barn turned house and move from the big city to the peaceful [and mystical] Glimmerbrook. She always wanted to find out more of her familial roots because she had never known her parents and so she hoped to find out more about herself, but also maybe give other children a home to call their own.

I hope you all will like Rosemary and my little spin on the 100 baby challenge! I wanted to do this challenge but in my own way, I didn’t really like the idea of a traditional 100 baby challenge so I decided that I’d make my own rules. In this challenge Rosemary will not be having and children of her own, however she will have to follow most of the rules from the original challenge.

My Guidelines For The Challenge
  1. Rosemary must not have a normal job, but she can make money through various crafting or careers that don’t cause her to have to leave the lot.
  2. Rosemary can hire a nanny once a week [though she must be able to afford it], this day will be known as her “me time”. It will happen on Sunday.
  3. Rosemary must adopt between 1-3 babies every week on Saturday until the household is full. If she doesn’t have the funds to do so she will have to give up her “me time” on Sunday.
    • She may also have a chance once a season to wish for a child at the wishing well. [Due to the magical nature of Glimmerbrook and the fact she is a Spellcaster] This child will be considered her biological child through magic and they must become spellcasters when teens. It however won’t count towards the 100 adoptions.
  4. Fridays are for a family outing! This is mostly for me to be able to get my sims out of the house or they’ll never leave.
  5. If Rosemary is able to max out a toddlers skills, giving them the “Top-Notch Toddler” Trait as a child she will receive a reward from the magical spirits of Glimmerbrook giving her $500 however if even one skill is below level 3 she won’t get anything.
  6. I will focus on each child’s interest and help them build the skills necessary for them to either go into the career of their choice or go to university when they become young adults. This will give me a bit of a change to write out where their lives might head once they leave the nest.

So that’s it for my own personal way I’ll be playing through this, I’ll also be following the official challenge rules loosely! I can’t wait for the stories that’ll unfold for this challenge.

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