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The Glimmerbrook Children #1

Rosemary Glimmerbrook recently moved to the mystical little town she shares a name with, she bought an old converted barn with a lot of space both inside and out. Inside their is spacious living area including a a large upstairs perfect for raising children. Outside is a large yard with a garden space that’s ready to be filled. Perhaps she can make money buy selling things she crafts or grows in the garden. Painting is also something she show’s an interest in.

Exhausted from moving in Rosemary decided to take a nap, she dreamed of a realm not of this world. One where magic and wonder came alive. In this dream she was greeted by an older woman, who told her that she was not a mortal and that Rosemary carried strong magic inside of herself, magic that deserved to be awoken.

[and thus the watcher turned her into a spellcaster! woo!]

The next morning Rosemary discovered she now had the same magical powers from her dream. She was now a Spellcaster. She spent the next week or so learning to control her power, using it to do simple tasks around the house. She even met some other spellcasters in her neighborhood, apparently Glimmerbrook was also a cover to hide the realm of magic.

So with that Rosemary sets to work on learning a bit of Practical Magic and Alchemy. She is grateful to the gifts she now possesses but it doesn’t change her original dream of having a large house full of kids. So she decides that she’ll begin adopting at the soonest opportunity. The first two children to enter the Glimmerbrook house are Madelyn and Aden. Taking care of two newborns isn’t an easy task, but Rosemary enjoys every bit of time she spends with these little ones. She takes the time while they’re asleep to work on making some money from selling a few paintings and also makes sure to continue practicing the mystical arts.

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