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A Snowy Vacation.

Jasper received a bonus from work and decided to take the family on vacation to Mt.Komorebi. At first Luna was a bit unsure of how cold the mountain was, but soon found herself having a ton of fun sledding down the bunny slopes with Felix. Jasper even tried his hand at a bit of skiing.

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Luna and Jasper Put Felix to Bed.

Both Luna and Jasper take turns putting Felix to bed at night. Jasper even enjoys reading his son some fairy tales before bed. Felix loves the funny voices his father makes despite not fully understanding what he’s saying. Luna loves to snuggle her son and showers him with cuddles and kisses at bedtime. Felix loves his mother, but he really wishes she wouldn’t tuck him into bed so well.

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Storytelling Guide to Gameplay – Create Your World!

Create Your World

What kinda of world do your sims live in? I don’t simply mean the climate they live in or culture they live in, but for you as the play what kind of world is it? Do occults exist in your sims world? Are their specific rules that each sim must follow? Like having a degree before getting certain jobs or having to live solely off grid.

  • If your sims must live off grid make use of the off the grid lot trait
  • If occults exist in your save thing of the lore and background you might want associated with them. What will it take for your sims to become one of them or even meet one of them? Keep it as simple as complex as you want. And if occults don’t exist in your save make sure to delete the pre-made ones from the save

Fun fact: I use to always delete vampires from my saves as I found them too intrusive when they’d always come to the door, but now I actually leave them in my game.

Community Lots: What kind of community lots might you find useful? These can be changed at any point, but at least having a few places in mind to get your sim out of the house. These can also very depending on what packs you own so I organized the lot types below.

For Example: If you own Get To Work, you might have a few retail lots, if you have Dine Out you might have a few restaurants. Use the Community Space lot type from Eco Lifestyle to create an actual community space, something for everyone from kids to adults. Maybe even make a town hall of sorts! That could be fun!

Base Game Lot Types

  • Bar
  • Gym
  • Library
  • Lounge
  • Museum
  • National Park
  • Park
  • Nightclub
  • Pool
  • Rental
  • Generic

Pack Specific Lot Types

  • Retail [Get To Work]
  • Spa [Spa Day]
  • Cafe [Get Together]
  • Restaurants [Dine Out]
  • Art Center [City Living]
  • Karaoke Bar [City Living]
  • Community Space [Eco Lifestyle]
  • Onsen Bathhouse [Snowy Escape]
  • University Housing [Discover University]
  • University Commons [Discover University]
  • Beach [Island Living]
  • Vet Clinic [Cats & Dogs]

Making worlds feel connect: For me it is so important to make packs and the worlds that we get with them fit into the game as a whole. I don’t have it set in stone what worlds are next to each other in a technical sense, I just figure out what fits well for the story I’m telling at the time. I also like making sure the packs feel connected by adding objects from new packs to existing worlds, and even things we get from new updates to existing worlds as well.

For Example: We have toddlers now, why not make sure community spaces have things for the little ones. Especially the toddler potties! You don’t want to have to run home just because your tot needs to use the bathroom.

Here’s some suggestions for other packs, though not a complete list:

  • Cats and Dogs; Create a dog area in parks, make sure lots have pet bowls, oh a pet cafe would be adorable too!
  • Get Together: add a dance floor or DJ booth in night clubs or lounges.
  • City living: Add a basket ball hoop to gyms, murals to museums, karaoke stations to bars.
  • Seasons: Add in the various seasonal activities to lots, like water balloon fights, swing sets, etc. to parks.

There are definitely a lot more things you can add and do to make the worlds feel all connected and that much more alive, but these are the things that I often think about when looking for lots or saves to play in. I am no builder, trust me when I say I’ve tried. I get way to caught up in the little details, so instead and to make it less stressful for myself I use the gallery/saves from other simmers to enjoy my game, I then will edit the lots as needed. Saves me a huge headache at the end of the day.

That’s about all I’ve gotta say on creating the worlds! I hope it was helpful to anyone who might find it. The next Storytelling Guide to Gameplay will cover Aging and how I handle it.

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Meet Felix Willow!

Luna and Jasper welcome Felix into their lives! He is adorable and since babies are a bit annoying the watcher decides to age him to a toddler rather quickly. Luna however doesn’t mind this one bit as she never did get her knitting skill high enough to make him a onesie.

[I really wish that babies had more of an impact xD I always get impatient with them. If my sim could carry their little bundles I’d be happy to leave them babies just a bit longer.]